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By “showing the way” with a few small projects, GoSource will help build a transformation capability within your organisation

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The way we work.

On Demand

Agile embraces uncertainty and iterates towards the right solution. It’s fundamentally incompatible with fixed price for fixed scope procurement, so we bill hourly on demand of everything we do. But don’t worry we’ll give you a one page project overview and budget like the one attached.


Delivery risk management on agile projects is achieved through continuous monitoring rather than up front contract negotiation. We’ll give you the tools to track and manage scope, cost and time day-by-day.


Agile aims to deliver a minimum viable product into production as soon as possible and then continue to improve it. That can’t be done confidently without an automated deployment model and testing, so every GoSource project includes an automated devops pipeline.


We love open source technology stacks (Java script frameworks, python/django, etc) and open source tools like git, jenkins, cucumber, elasticsearch. Not only do they get rid of procurement hassles but they are extremely high quality and very supportable with ubiquitous skills.

Key benefits

  • Secure

    If designed and implemented right, public cloud services can be more secure than on premises hosting. Every GoSource project is designed to meet ASD security standards through a “security in-depth” model that combines network security with encryption at rest, advanced key management, tight access controls and auditable processes.

  • Fast

    Because we dont waste time doing big-up-front-design processes or managing endless contract variations, we can just get on with the job. A typical GoSource project will deliver mockups within weeks, a working alpha within 2 months and MVP beta into production within 3 to 4 months.

  • Cloud First

    We prefer public cloud deployments in order to provide our customers with maximum scalability & durability at the lowest cost. As AWS partners we have deep experience with the world’s largest public cloud platform. However we take care to provide our customers with flexibility to deploy anywhere by maintaining infrastructure as templates.

  • Scalable

    With access to over 100,000 skilled freelancers, GoSource will always be able to supply the skills needed for a customer project. Our recruitment model ensure that only freelancers that demonstrate strong capability are deployed to our projects.

  • No Lock In

    GoSource projects are architected so that the customer can “take the keys” at any time and can plugin their own staff or other contractors at any time. All cloud services are in dedicated accounts per customer so that ownership is easily transferred. Similarly all code, configuration and documentation are in a dedicated github organisation per customer. We want to keep our customers because they like what we do not because of any kind of technical lock-in.

  • Compliant

    GoSource projects comply with best practice standards. For our government customers that means the DTA digital service standard, the ASD Security standards, and WCAG-AA accessibility standards. We bring these strong practices to our commercial customers too.

Case Studies

Agile Delivery

National Parks e-ticketing transformation. From a standing start to production MVP in 4 months using on-demand skills averaging 4 FTE running 2-week sprints. Impacted over 1 million annual visitors to federal national parks and transformed relationships with parks staff & wholesalers. Built on open source platforms and deployed to AWS Cloud. Over 100 devops driven post-production releases without failure.


A domain driven design and RESTful, event driven microservices architecture for a large government portfolio. GoSource architecture services designed and prototyped a future state integration architecture that will deliver increased agility for automonous buisness units whilst maintianing rich centralised information for decision making.