GoSource is committed to providing you with innovative systems, on budget and on time. We are here for you when it's time to evolve from legacy to modern. We use best practice cloud technologies that are automated, secure and scalable to future-proof your solutions.

Digital Trust Services

GoSource is a global leader in digital trust.

Our senior leaders advise the United Nations on digitisation of sustainable supply chains using verifiable credentials. We have also implemented the Digital Verification Platform as a verifiable credential issuer & verifier solution for the Australian government.

Safe AI Solutions

GoSource builds powerful AI solutions designed to solve unique business challenges effectively and safely.

Our tech stack

GoSource is a cloud-native company with an established track-record building solutions in both AWS and Azure.

We use methodologies including the twelve-factor app to produce modern, scalable and secure web applications. GoSource employs an agile approach to software delivery and uses continuous integration and delivery to demonstrate value sooner.

How we deliver differently

You know your project is secure because our approach is tried, tested and proven. We build robust products faster and give you greater business agility because everything we do is...

The GoSource advantage

Our commitment is to provide you with capability, certainty, control, cost efficiency and confidence are the foundations to how GoSource delivers digital transformation on time and on budget.

When you work with GoSource, you’re working with world-leading experts with unmatched experience across industries and technologies. Our big picture view and understanding of emerging technologies enable us to see beyond the brief to propose the best solutions. We provide you with a dedicated team who work with you every step of the way and if you need to scale up or get the job done fast, we can draw on a pool of trusted specialists.
  • Experience

    We know government and industry.

  • World leaders

    Our directors advise the UN, WTO, and WEF on international trade and blockchain.

  • Deep expertise

    Our knowledge is deep in architecture, agile development and cloud engineering.

With our proven approach, you know where your project stands every step of the way. Following Agile best practice, we share prototypes continuously to refine and evolve your solution in response to testing and feedback. And we give you tools to track and manage scope, cost and time, day-by-day.
  • We work fast

    Typically delivering mock-ups within weeks.

  • Clarity about MVP

    Expect early clarity about what will be the MVP beta.

  • Automated

    Our knowledge is deep in architecture, agile development and cloud engineering.

You retain control of your project because you always have access to the code and documentation. And if you want to move to a different cloud service or take charge, we willingly transfer our knowledge and skills, equipping your team to progress with confidence.
  • We won’t lock you in

    Projects are designed with architecture to enable you to plug in your own staff or other contractors at any time.

  • Dedicated account

    All cloud services are in dedicated accounts, so ownership is easily transferred.

  • Dedicated repositories

    All code, configuration and documentation are held in dedicated code repositories.

Cost efficiency
We make costs predictable with a simple project overview and budget. We minimise exposure to risk with budget transparency, competitive rates and optimal process automation. To give you the best return on investment, we strategically evaluate your needs, work to transform legacy systems and offer a choice of technologies and cloud platforms with recommendations on what best serves your project.
  • Info upfront

    You’ll receive an easy-to-understand project overview and budget.

  • Real time monitoring

    You’ll have access to a real-time dashboard with cost/scope/time.

  • Regular updates

    Fortnightly project reports mean you can track delivery against budget and time on a regular, real-time basis.

GoSource is the low-risk choice with a successful, proven track record of delivering complex government and enterprise projects. We comply with best practice standards and design every project to meet stringent security standards. Every project is rigorously tested through an automated deployment model and careful testing to ensure reliable, stable products across platforms and browsers.
  • Award winning

    2018 Secretary’s award for northern Australia biosecurity app, 2017 Secretary’s award, National Parks e-ticketing platform

  • Standards adherence

    DTA Digital Service Standard, ASD Security Standards and WCAG-AA Accessibility Standards.

  • Security in-depth

    Encryption at rest, advanced key management, tight access controls and auditable processes.

The best tools for the job

We have expertise in a broad range technologies and cloud platforms, and will recommend a solution based on what best serves your project.