The future of global trade is in the hands of a small Canberra tech firm
06 Feb 2024 -

One small tech firm in Canberra is at the epicentre of global standards for the digitalisation of global trade. A United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UNCEFACT) project, led by Steve Capell of GoSource is developing data protocols and standards for Digital Product Passports, a key tool in the fight against climate change.

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Compliance at scale is a growing challenge for regulators
20 Jan 2024 - Steve Capell

As the push to combat greenwashing intensifies, the level of data consumed to prove compliance will explode in scale. Australian regulators need innovative approaches to compliance at scale, including ‘algorithmic due diligence.’ The United Nations is working on a new Digital Product Passport standard that will make ESG claims portable between countries and software systems, but regulators will need to catch up quickly to take advantage of the change.

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EU shining a regulatory spotlight on Australian miners
18 Jan 2024 - Steve Capell

The countdown has begun for Australia’s miners who must meet the rising demand for data transparency to prove the ESG credentials of their products. ESG pressures are building, and regulation is getting more complex but there are solutions on the horizon.

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Can Australia beat the global ESG regulation clock?
16 Jan 2024 - Steve Capell

In an era of growing environmental and social consciousness, consumers, investors, corporate buyers, and regulators are increasingly demanding products that are environmentally and socially responsible. The clock is now ticking for Australia’s agriculture sector, who need to meet rising demand for data transparency to prove the ESG credentials of farms and products.

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Beyond the Australia Card: Embracing Trust via Decentralised Digital Identities
01 Nov 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

Our digital and physical identities are converging: how can we maintain the privacy and freedom inherent in our paper-based credentials while reaping the benefits of a digital world? As we explore the evolution of identity verification, it’s crucial to address the pitfalls of current digital solutions, particularly the risk of inadvertently creating a surveillance state that could erode the trust we strive to build in our digital interactions. How do we navigate this digital transformation in a way that protects individuals’ rights and fosters a secure online environment? This question is at the heart of GoSource’s commitment to advancing digital trust through decentralised identity solutions.

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Is your company leveraging the best in architecture, engineering, and emerging tech?
18 Oct 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

Are your digital solutions truly transforming your business?

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Land and Natural Resource Management: Pioneering Sustainable Practices with Digital Solutions
11 Oct 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the realm of land and natural resource management has significant weight on its shoulders. With the dual mandate of conserving the environment while ensuring sustainable utilisation, how can the industry address these seemingly dichotomous objectives?

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Are Customised Digital Solutions the Answer to the Unique Challenges Faced by Large Healthcare Enterprises?
04 Oct 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

In the rapidly evolving digital age, industries across the board are seeking specialised solutions to stay ahead. But there’s one sector where the stakes are higher than most, where performance and reliability aren’t just business requirements—they’re essential to human well-being. Enter the world of large healthcare enterprises.

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How can ICT professionals marry the predictability of Waterfall with the flexibility of Agile in public sector projects?
03 Oct 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

Navigating the intricate web of ICT projects in Australia’s federal government requires a deep understanding of both the Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

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Why GoSource is an ideal partner in government ICT projects
27 Sep 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

In the world of government ICT projects, two elements are essential for success: trust and capability. It’s clear from recent events, such as the PwC tax scandal and subsequent Senate inquiry, that there’s a significant erosion of trust in large consulting firms. At the same time, the Australian public and government are seeking more from businesses and service providers. So, what do they truly need? Expertise and a trustworthiness that stands the test of scrutiny.

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The Trust Deficit in Sustainable Supply Chains: How Do We Verify the Unverified?
19 Sep 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

Why should we care about the veracity of sustainability claims in global supply chains? Sustainability, especially in the realms of production and consumption, influences our planet’s health, our choices as consumers, and the fate of many industries. The truth or falsity behind sustainability claims affects not just market dynamics but also the potential achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With half of the SDGs intertwined with how we manufacture, transport, and recycle, the imperative to verify and trust these claims has never been higher.

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The Electronic Trade Documents Act: Ushering in a New Era of Digitalised Trade
12 Sep 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

In the quest to infuse sustainability and verifiability into global supply chains, digital transformation presents immense opportunities. A recent landmark in the realm of international trade may just be the beacon for businesses and regulators looking to bridge the gap between sustainability claims and their verifiable authenticity.

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Delivering safe and effective AI-empowered digital products
24 Aug 2023 - Stuart McFarland

In the past week, business experts including Allens, McKinsey, Deloitte and KPMG have launched their own proprietary versions of tools based on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is going mainstream and is moving towards the centre stage of public and government attention. Some experts emphasise the immense potential of AI, while others are deeply troubled about the ramifications the technology may have on humans. It is accepted that AI has the potential to open up employment opportunities, but also to replace many jobs. So how do we ensure that AI tools are both effective and safe?

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Digital Credentials: A Solution For Digital Trust
17 Aug 2023 - Steve Capell

Powerful AI tools that facilitate online fraud through convincing “deep fakes” are adding fuel to the fire in an online environment where fraud and identity theft are on the rise. Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure such as the Optus and Medicare hacks have led to large scale identity theft that further erodes trust in digital services. Leaving major fraud aside, just google “create a fake bank statement” to see how easy and how prevalent minor fraud must be. Every time a plastic driver’s licence is presented at a bar or retail outlet, far more personal information than necessary is leaked.

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Delivering Confidence
10 Aug 2023 - Suzanne Moulis

It has become widely known that the PwC tax scandal and the current Senate inquiry have seen Australians’ level of confidence in the integrity of consultants drop to an all-time low. But in a broader context of lack of trust, should all Australian professional services consultancies suffer the fallout? And why should it matter?

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